Mid March

  • 20 week ultrasound
  • Find out its a boy
  • No name picked out
  • Ultrasound looked perfect
  • Schedule a 24 week ultrasound because they couldn’t get a certain image of his heart androtovol says they needed that picture

April 6, 2012 (Good Friday) – Morning

  • Go in for 24 week ultrasound
  • Take another full scan of baby
  • Sonographer finds abnormal imaging of baby’s left hemisphere of brain
  • We learn news and go to hospital to meet with a specialist
April 6 – Afternoon
  • Perinatal specialist confirms the mornings findings and agrees that he is concerned
  • We are admitted to perinatal group
  • After an all day barrage of new findings and appointments we go home and we name him Henryk so that people can start praying for him by name
  • We were in shock
April 13
  • First appointment at perinatal clinic and perform a lengthy level 2 ultrasound
  • We were extremely tense for this meeting
  • We had so many questions
  • Confirmed that a stroke occurred on left hemisphere
  • Right hemisphere looks normal
April, May, June
  • Many appointments
  • Did research
  • Asked lots of questions
  • Came to grips with Henryk’s condition and the challenges he may face long term
Late June – 36 week ultrasound
  • Dr says there are enlarged ventricles in the right hemisphere
  • Dr says this is most likely hydrocephalus
  • Dr confirms no bleeding; also confirms blood flow in brain
  • We were again set into shock as we were not anticipating this
Early July
  • Meet with dr to learn about hydrocephalus and the use of shunts
  • Dr puts us slightly at ease in that he did not think we would need a shunt
  • Dr also confirmed that he thought Henryk would be born stable