Notes from Monday, July 30:
  • If Sunday was a good day, Monday was a bad day.
  • We arrived at the hospital thinking we would take Henryk home, but instead we found him hooked up to lots of monitors. It was a scary sight.
  • Just before we had arrived Henryk had endured a seizure.
  • The nurse practitioner saw it and immediately got the EEG monitoring going
  • The EEG monitoring confirmed he had a seizure
  • This then launched protocol for seizures
  • Henryk was put on seizure medicine
  • They tested him for infections via spinal tap and blood draws
  • He was put on an IV
  • We all had a very long day
  • Henryk was a champ; he did awesome
  • Henryk clinically showed all great signs; he eats a lot! He is very content, but not lethargic
  • His bruising has gone away
  • His head looks great
  • No signs of hydrocephalus