Henryk is doing great. He ate 90 mL this morning! He also cleaned out Mom’s reserves throughout the night.

His weight is up to 7 lb 13 oz (birth weight was 7 lb 14 oz).


His bilirubin number was down and is in a normal range.


His phenobarbital level was 23.3 which was perfect. (It needed to be 23.)


At this point (11am), we are waiting on is the final cultures to come back, and then we will be discharged.

Emily and I have noticed that Henryk is much more content and at peace today than yesterday. Yesterday he twitched a lot. It seems the phenobarbital is working, in our opinion, by just looking at him.


The cultures came back negative. No infections. We got Henryk off the IV, and we packed up!


Michael went and picked up the phenobarbital.


At 3pm, we carried Henryk out of the Special Care Nursery and headed home.


Annie and Lily greeted us on the back porch.

We are home!