Henryk just finished his surgery.  They started a little late, at about 3:45.  We came to Children’s at 1:30 and got Henryk all set with an IV, blood draw, disinfectant, and antibiotics.  Once surgery started, we waited for about an hour for the surgeon to come give us an update.  He told us that the surgery went well!  They inserted the shunt into the left side of the back of his head.  The surgeon was pleasantly surprised that the spinal fluid was clear.  We were expecting it to be yellow in color due to the debris.  He sent the fluid to the lab to test the amount of debris in the fluid to give us a better idea of the probability of the shunt plugging.  We will have that information soon.  An infection from the surgery could show up any time within the next six months.  There is nothing we can do to prevent this – it would only be from the surgery itself.  Henryk’s head will look somewhat smaller immediately, with his soft spot coming down.  Over time we will work on regulating the flow of the fluid to decrease his head size further; however, he will always have a large head.  We are waiting to see Henryk from the recovery room.  They told us his breathing tube is out.  We are impatiently waiting to see him!!!!!  Tonight Henryk will be in the intensive care unit for monitoring.